Why can't a Nice Girl handle criticism

Why Can’t A Nice Girl Handle Criticism? (Video)

The Recovering Nice Girl Guide To A Normal Life

Episode 3 – Why Can’t A Nice Girl Handle Criticism – Without Taking It Like A Life Threat?


In this video I share:

– The 3 most important things that make a Nice Girl enter a fight or flight mode under ANY criticism.

1. issues with your self worth

2. neglecting your own needs

3. offering help without being asked

– The hidden assumptions and expectations of a person trapped in the Nice Girl pattern when it comes to receiving criticism.

– A practical tip to help you ease your way out of these patterns. This is no “magic pill”, just something to help along your way, until you naturally get out of these patterns as a result of your efforts to work on your issues.

– Why do we feel frustrated when someone offers us something with the “please love me” energy behind it (And we don’t even realise it on the moment)

But before all these I have a surprise message for you at the beginning of the video, a message that I think we should all be reminded of more often. 🙂

Let me know what you think about this episode in the comments section bellow.

With all my love,


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