Why Is It So Hard To Say No – (For A Nice Girl)?

The Recovering Nice Girl Guide To A Normal Life

Episode 2 – Why Is It So Hard To Say No ?- (For A Nice Girl)


In the previous video I was talking about the victim mode, and how to step out of it.

In this video I am sharing what I consider to be the 3 most important answers to the question : Why is it so hard to say No – For a Nice Girl.

1. The need to defend the identity of a Nice Girl.

2. The fear of being considered a “bad” person.

3. The fear of hurting the other person’s feelings. 

In addition to these I also share what I did to start saying truthful and healthy “No”s.

And I give you an easy trick to use on your day to day life to help you start saying “No”.

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Watch out for the 3rd episode next week.

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