Why any change must start with acceptance

Why Any Change Must Start With Acceptance (Video)

The Recovering Nice Girl Guide To A Normal Life

Episode 4 – Why Any Change Must Start With Acceptance – How To Go Through The Painful Process of Change And Not Give Up

In this video I share:

– The most important phases of going through The Change Process:

1. the Wow moment – Acceptance of the fact that there is something you need to change.

2. the Regret  – for all the “lost” years in the dark

3. the Hope – “I will never do this again!”

4. the Frustration of falling back – “I must be so f**d up that I can’t really change!”

5. Get back on your feet and move on

6. repeat steps 4 & 5 until You integrate this Change and move on to the next level 🙂

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