Just do it.

Just Do It. A Message To My Perfectionist Self. And Yours.

Just Do It

One of the simplest and most famous messages out there, that spread around the world thanks to a famous sports shoes company.

Everyone associates this message with their name, I don’t even have to tell you what that name is.

It’s been imprinted in your brains, by years and years of marketing and advertising worth (probably) millions of dollars.

So why am I talking here about a brilliant company’s distinct message?

Because it’s something that I am a master at avoiding.

I am that type of person who needs to be “sure that it’s going to be perfect” before getting her work out there.

And, You know it, as well as I do, that this “P” word doesn’t really apply to real life.

Perfection Is Only Something To Aim At

If You wait, like I did, to come up with the “Perfect” blog post, or MVP, or copy for your landing page, or [insert your perfect thing here] you’ll Never get it out there, where it can actually do something.

And so, after a pause of a few months in my blog writing, a time when I feel I’ve literally hibernated during the winter months, I’ve started noticing a nagging feeling that I should be doing more.

Not just planning, analysing, day-dreaming.

These are all good and necessary, I’m not denying their role. But when they take too much time, and You end up not Doing anything to put them into practice, you waste precious days, weeks and months, that become years. (sigh)

So, I’ve decided to reduce the time I spend on this inner self analysis, and actually get some sh*t done.

Writing these words, in the middle of the night, tucked on my kitchen couch while everyone else in my home is sleeping, is my first Action.

Also eating some of my mom’s special Easter cake is another action I am doing in between the lines. Cause when writing in the middle of the night, one simply doesn’t say No to a special, rare piece of cake, you know? 🙂

Back to the serious staff now.

I don’t know exactly what happened to me during these past months, that I stopped writing.

Every time I wanted to write I felt like I had nothing important to share. I felt like whatever experience I wanted to write about, it was not good enough to be shared with You.

I am sure You’ve never ever gone through anything similar, right? Yeah, I know. It’s hilarious how we  imagine that our troubles are so unique, and nobody else in the world is facing anything alike.

That’s why I am sharing these thoughts openly, feeling a bit vulnerable, I must admit.

So, I just wanted to let You know that I am back, and that I will keep you updated much more often than before, with a letter sent straight into your inbox. (If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so easily by using the form on the right side of this page.)

If it will be a written post or a video, or a podcast, we will see. I will follow my inspiration, and choose the best form to share my message with You.

Because You are awesome, even when You think you aren’t. And I want to be the one to remind You of that from time to time.

With all my love,


P.S. Make sure to write your best email address in the subscribe box on the right side of this page. Thank You for your trust. I am honoured to be a part of your life.

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5 thoughts on “Just Do It. A Message To My Perfectionist Self. And Yours.”

  1. Hi
    I really like your post. I feel they are really helpful to me. You said you spent 10 years working for companies before you ventured out on your own business. Are you appreciative of those 10 years or do you wish you would have left sooner the companies sooner?


    • Hi Dani, thanks for your kind words. Hmmm…in retrospect I wish I started overlapping sooner, this means having a day job that allows me to pay my bills and leaves me with enough energy to work on side projects. I think this is the best, safest option to transition from a regular job to your own thing. That experience has helped me learn a lot of things, sometimes the hard way, but it’s done and over now, so no regrets 🙂 Good luck with everything you do!


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