Dr. Wareham’s Recipe For Living And Thriving Till 100 Years Of Age

I just saw this video today and I thought it was so inspirational that I wanted to share it with You. It’s a very short interview with Dr. Ellsworth Wareham, a 100 years old young retired heart surgeon who shares his life experience on a healthy lifestyle.

1. Vegan Diet And Exercise

At 100 years old, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is a vibrant, energetic man, who still mows his lawn, drives his car and says “My health is superb, I haven’t got an ache or a pain.”

I was just “Wow”! I’ve been dealing with recurring back pain for the past 10 years, and I’m only 34! How does he do it?

On the physical side, he says keeping his cholesterol levels bellow the minimum recommended,  is what makes him “heart attack proof”. It seems that being vegan for the last 50 years plays a big role in his health.

I haven’t been eating meat in the last 7-8 years, and I gave up milk and dairy almost completely in the last year. Hearing about his vegan diet reassures me that I am on the right track.

This doesn’t mean I am going to try to convince you about the benefits of being a vegan if You have a different diet. I’ve made this mistake in my first years of giving up meat, I won’t do it again. 🙂 It’s just refreshing to see someone who’s worked as a doctor in the traditional medicine for his entire life, being a vegan.

2. Don’t Let Your Problems Weigh You Down

What really hit a cord with me were his answers to the questions about stress and motivation.

“How big a role does stress play in your life?”. He started laughing and said: “You’ve asked the wrong person. I have a philosophy: 

3. Continue Working Even After The Usual Retiring Age

“What motivates you nowadays?” After a lifetime of saving lives as a surgeon, from which he retired only at 95, this man’s strongest motivation is “I feel like a I need to make a contribution!”

I would’ve thought that after a lifetime dedicated to saving lives he would be O.K. to just spend time with his family and enjoy the fruits of his work after retirement, don’t you think? But, You and I would’ve thought wrong.

4. Make A Contribution To The World

Because he is no longer operating, he is now contributing to other people’s lives by speaking about preventive medicine.

So the need to make a contribution to the world doesn’t stop. Ever. Not even when we reach 100. What does this tell You about your current work? Do you feel you’re making a contribution?

I admit, it got me thinking. I always felt the need to do meaningful work, that has a positive impact onto people’s lives. This man just showed me that my quest for meaning and contribution is important and I should not give up on this. Never.

Now how inspiring and myth busting about ageing is this guy! Chapeau, Dr. Wareham. You are truly an example for what it means to live by Gandhi’s words “my life is my message“.

We look around and we see elderly people who barely walk or move anymore, who have poor health and a troubled mental state.

And because the majority is like this, we draw the conclusion that this is how it’s supposed to be: getting old = getting sick.

Well, this wonderful man is a living proof that this isn’t the case at all. And that the combination of a healthy diet, physical exercise, doing work that is fulfilling, making a contribution and having a positive mental attitude about dealing with stress and problems, is a proven way to live happily till you’re 100 years old and longer.

What do You do from Dr. Wareham’s recipe to keep yourself healthy and vibrant in the years to come?

Here’s the 1’33” video with Dr. Ellsworh Wareham. Enjoy! 🙂

With all my love,


P.S. This story just reminded me of these words: “being a success yourself opens the door for others to do the same.” Now go on, be awesome!

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