My 500 words-Parenting, Sustaining Happy Relationships, Healthy Lifestyle-Why Don’t We Teach Them In Schools?

Have you ever wondered why the most important areas of our lives, the ones that are crucial to having a happy, fulfilling existence on planet Earth, are not thought in schools?

We teach our kids about mathematics, and physics, and … Read the rest

8 Sex Myths Busted – Why Almost Everything You Know About Sex Is Slowly Killing Your Love Life

Tantric love 2

Dear woman,

“When your partner, consumed by excitement, begins to move ever harder and faster towards his own climax (the so called jackhammer mode), do you feel


-left behind?

-engulfed by a wave of disappointment that once again he Read the rest

7 Most Important Signs of The Nice Girl Syndrome and How To Overcome Them

“I don’t want to die!” I was screaming. But I couldn’t hear my voice. My whole body was tensed, my heart was pumping. I was sure of an imminent attack. But there was no evidence of an enemy. It was … Read the rest

The Top 10 Mistakes Women Make in Relationships


“If he loves me he will know how I feel without even telling him.”

“If he loves me he will know exactly how I like to be touched.”

“If he loves me he will take the garbage out before … Read the rest