Message of the day #1 “I’m flexible and flowing with life”

For Christmas last year I received the beautiful deck of cards “The power of thought” by Louise Hay. My deck is in Romanian, that’s why the pic of the card has Romanian words. 🙂


Anyhoo…for sometime now, I got into the habit of asking for guidance, inspiration from the Universe/ God/Higher Self/Life Force that keeps everything alive and flowing on Earth and in the Universe.

And one way of doing this is that in the morning, before I start my yoga and meditation practice I take the deck of cards, shuffle them well, and I lay them on the floor. Then I close my eyes and I hover my left hand slowly over the cards. I wait for a sensation of warmth or like an energy activation in the center of a palm and then I extract the card that’s right beneath my hand.

If I still feel like I need more clarification, I may continue the process and then I pick another card.

I then read them slowly and contemplate on their message for a few minutes. I sometimes take pics and share them with my friends on Facebook.

So today I got inspired to start writing about the cards I extract. I feel like this will deepen my contemplation, and will serve as an inspiration for you.

Today’s message, November 7th 2017, is, you’ve seen in the title already “I’m flexible and flowing”

And on the other side of the card the message is:

“I’m open to new things and to change.

Each moment offers me a new and wonderful occasion to become more from what I am.

I flow with ease and grace with life”.

My context today

I had a pretty bad headache. I knew that physically this was connected to something I ate the evening before that made me feel sick. I was hoping that by morning, after a good night’s sleep I would be fresh as a daisy, but my body didn’t agree with this. I could barely keep my eyes open, and I felt like a claw was trying to punch my skull.

Not so jolly.

Anyhoo…Because I know everything is connected in the Universe and in our bodies, every time I have a physical problem I also look at the emotional side.

So I searched in Jacques Martel’s Big Dictionary of Diseases under “migraine”. One of the key messages was, guess what: “You need to be more flexible, give up fixed ideas and allow yourself to flow with life”.

Of course, it said more stuff there but that bit stuck with me because after I read that I extracted the card I just told you about. And in spite of the pain, it made me laugh. I was like: “OK, Universe, I get it!” I need to contemplate on this and see where I got fixated, let some shit go and flow with life.

Easy, breezy don’t you think?

Not quite. But then again, when you’ve got a headache that forces you to keep calm and think, that’s what you do.

So I spent most of my day lying down, drinking a lot of water and tea and allowing my body to get rid of the bad food combination from the night before.

In the afternoon I managed to take a walk in the park, and later in the evening, I felt better and better, up to the point that I could start writing this.

What did I learn?

I noticed my judging thoughts while I was lying down, doing nothing.

“You should be working!”

“You should force yourself out of bed and get some sh*t done!”

“You’re lazy!”

“Who do you think you are to relax while everyone else is working?”

And because I felt so sick and tired I just acknowledged their presence and then chose to ignore these thoughts. 

I gave myself permission to allow my body to recover and heal. It was a bit of a struggle at first, but by the way I feel now, it looks like I did good by not doing anything.

Sometimes, in our hyperactive societies, doing nothing feels like an act of rebellion.

I feel like by listening to my body’s needs today I did what the card said: I’ve been flexible, (I had to cancel my dentist appointment and a yoga class I was supposed to go to) and I flowed with whatever life wanted me to do today. Which was mainly nothing – from the point of view of society, and everything, from the point of view of my body.

So this has been the message of today for me and how I incorporated it into my life.

I hope it inspires you to be more flexible and in flow with life 🙂

All my love,


Header Image: Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

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