Message of the day #2 “I trust the process of life”

Today I extracted the card “I trust the process of life” from my Louise Hay “The power of thought” deck of cards.

And on the back it says:

“There is a rhythm and a flow of life and I am a part of it.

Life supports me and gives me all that is good and positive experiences.

I trust life brings me all that is good for me at the highest level.”

My context today

I woke up and started doing my morning journaling or “brain dump” how I like to call it. I simply start writing down, using pen and paper, whatever goes through my mind. It helps me clear my mind and uncover deeper thoughts, emotions, feelings that lie underneath the surface.

So as I was writing I saw the red thread of the day: a fear that I’m not moving in the right direction, fear of the unknown, fear of not succeeding in my new projects and professional path. I acknowledged these feelings and I asked for guidance from my Soul, Higher Self, The Divine.

And what I got was to stop comparing myself with other people, stop judging myself based on my mind’s expectations and focus on what I need to do each moment, each day while trusting Life.

After I wrote these words down I took the deck of cards and again I smiled when the message I got was again “Trust the process of Life”.

If feels surreal how from all those different cards I got exactly this one, confirming the guidance I previously received while doing my journaling.

So I’m now asking myself: what actions can I do to reinforce my trust in the process of Life?

The first thing that comes to mind is the courage to let go of the old to make room for the new. Often times there is a short gap, a  period of time that exists between the moment of letting go and the appearance of the new, better thing.

That’s where trust comes in. I need to keep my trust alive in those moments of uncertainty, in those moments when nothing in the physical world announces what is yet to come.

I think this is one of my biggest challenges. I need to embrace my fears and go back inside to feel the support I receive every single moment.

So that’s what I’ll do.

How do you cope with your fears in the face of big changes, the unknown, the lack of certainty and predictability?

I would love to hear from you!




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