Best dating ideas to broaden your horizon

Today’s article about romantic ideas for a new date is a guest post by Adrienne Luca.

What appears in your imagination when you think of dating ideas?

Going out for a cup of coffee? Dinner in a luxurious restaurant? Watching a new blockbuster in the nearest cinema? Well, not only ‘bread and circus’ can be good date ideas. This article is going to shed light on less trivial but extremely fascinating romantic date night ideas that will help you to have a nice time in your couple.

You may call them “dates for nerds” but believe us; they are more extravagant and impressive than they seem.

A night at the Observatory

Stargazing is nearly the most inspiring and romantic occupation you can practice on your date. It provokes thoughts about how tiny we are in comparison with this endless world. Therefore, the importance and transience of the moment increase dozens of times. And now, imagine how epic this romantic moment can be when you are in the epicenter of the investigation of our universe!

Visiting the local observatory, if you live in a big city is a great idea of spending time with a person you like. Not everyone has an opportunity to do this in their lives, so if you do have one– go for it!

Literary reading

When thousands of music lovers come together, it’s called a concert or a music festival. When dozens and even hundreds of literature admirers come together, it’s time for a literary reading. Yep, even bookworms and well-read people love visiting such events. It is a great opportunity to meet the greatest authors and even take their autograph. Also, if your vis-à-vis has her or his favorite author, inviting them to such an event can impress them more than giving a book as a gift.

Cooking masterclass

Our romantic date ideas list would not be complete without some conjugate occupation. Why? It helps to get closer, inspires on teamwork, and stimulates your creativity. Why cooking? Because it is funnier and more memorable than just eating in a café. You cook dishes together, learn something new, and then eat your masterpiece with your mate (more delightful when you cook and eat yourself).

Trip to a neighbor city

Trips may be a very exclusive and intimate thing for couples that already know each other. If your relationship has just begun, you can arrange a mini-trip to a neighbor city just for a day. This improvised excursion will be more thrilling and amusing if you try to get lost in an unknown place. Do not search anything specific, rely on your intuition and enthusiasm…and on Google maps, of course.

Take a long hike

We bet you have an old dating idea of going around the most picturesque landmarks of your city. But how can you make this kind of date more extraordinary? Choose a specific topic for your future hike. It may concern arts (the places where famous authors/ artists lived and created), science (the best museums) or history (the most memorable places or buildings). You and your mate can discover many secret facts during this little journey.

Imagine you are a food critic

We’ve already advised you to cook by yourself. But if you think our romantic date ideas so far are not your type, try something traditional but make it unusual. For instance, you can diversify your ordinary dinner in a restaurant by going for several meals in different places!

Try everything you’ve ever dreamed to eat and don’t forget about diversity. You could begin with street food like hot-dogs or bagels with coffee, then continue with traditional Italian or Asian cuisine and finish your evening with something very unusual. Then share your opinions.

But there are two small rules: do not overeat and consider your budget before offering this date.


Hope you got some fresh romantic ideas for your first date from Adrienne Luca’s post. What alternative romantic date ideas have you tried and loved?

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