My 500 words-Keep Calm And Write On

So today’s theme of the 500 words a day challenge is to give hope. To encourage others to not give up on writing, cause now it’s the time when it’s most tempting to give up.

My head is hurting, my entire body is craving for sleep. My eyes are only half open, and all I want to do is to crawl into bed, curl up like my cat does, read a few pages from a book and fall asleep soon.

But I don’t go there yet. Because I want to write my 500 words for today.

For me, writing is not the challenge. I write for myself as therapy since I’ve learned how to write when I was 7.

The challenge is to write something valuable, that’s worth publishing.

Because if I only use the writing as a discharge, then it will be filled with all my crappy emotions and you, my reader, will get them.

And I don’t want to burden you with my staff. On the contrary. I want to use my experiences, good or bad, happy or sad, to filter them and extract something useful for you.

So that’s why I hesitate a lot before pressing the “publish” button. Because I want to bring value to you, not use you as a my virtual therapist.

I want to bring you hope, not bring you down.

I might sometimes fall into the trap of emotional discharge writing, and I ask you to forgive me for this.

How can I bring  you hope when I am feeling a bit down, because I am very tired? I don’t know.

The fact that I don’t give up on writing even when I really don’t feel like I have the strength to do anything else, tells me that writing is for me like running is for some of my friends.

They run miles and miles, even after their body says “no more”.

That’s the point when you gain strength, when you realize you can do much more than you’ve thought you can.

But it’s no use for me hearing them talk how hard it is to push your limits to run 42km and how good you feel after you’ve done it.

Unless I run my miles, unless I push my own limits, I will not get stronger.

So I am running my miles in writing, because I am not a runner. Yet. Who knows. Maybe I will start running at one point in my life. But until then, this is my way of pushing one of my limits.

I keep writing even when I feel like I have no more energy.

I keep writing even when I have no idea about what I am going to write, besides the theme that Jeff suggested.

I keep writing even when there is no Jeff to give me a theme and I do free writing. I keep writing even if  no one will read. And even if thousands will read.

My biggest desire when writing is to bring you value. To serve you. To give you hope or to inspire you using my own experiences.

What’s the one thing that you do even for free? Even when you are exhausted, even when nobody is there to applaud you?

Share it in a comment bellow or on Facebook or Twitter.



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