Yoga with Raluca: Yoga, Massage, Meditation Newsletter

Because Facebook has become such a crowded place and I often get people telling me they didn’t see my posts or my Yoga classes schedule I decided to start a separate weekly email newsletter, in English.

Here I will share my weekly Yoga classes schedule and occasional tips & tricks about the practice of Yoga, the benefits of relaxation massage therapy and of daily meditation and more. I will write this in English because I will soon start to travel around the world to teach Yoga and offer massage therapy sessions so the audience of this newsletter will surely become international. (And I know most of my Romanian readers are comfortable with English.)

I felt inspired to create this email newsletter by being on the receiving end of the weekly email inspiration of people I admire like my awesome fellow Romanian Cristina Chipurici – Cristina’s Friday Read or international ones such as Tim Ferris or Marianne Cantwell. I’ve noticed that throughout the years I’ve been reading and appreciating their emails no matter how flooded my inbox became from other subscriptions.

So my intention for this weekly Yoga with Raluca Newsletter is to offer yoga, meditation & massage therapy tips and tricks, valuable resources and insights to the people who are coming to my Yoga classes and/or are simply interested in these topics. And of course to keep them posted about when and where I’m going to be teaching and offering massage therapy sessions every week.

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