Day 24 – Today Dare To Be Nobody

“If you are content with being nobody in particular, content not to stand out, you align yourself with the power of the universe. What looks like weakness to the ego is in fact, the only true strength. This spiritual truth is diametrically opposed to the values of our contemporary culture and the way it conditions people to behave.” Eckhart Tolle

Day 24 – Today Dare To Be Nobody

I know it sounds a bit crazy to be “nobody” when everyone is trying to be “somebody”. Our present culture, especially in the western parts of the world, is all about individualism and standing out in some way. So to be in a state of “being nobody” for a day is puzzling for our minds.

How To Do This: 

  1. Eckhart Tolle gives a simple and easy advice in this regard: begin by observing yourself when You are about to state your opinion on a subject and refrain yourself from this.
  2. Just for today, stop the impulse to say “In my opinion this is….” or “I think that…” about whatever topic, be it the weather or the latest political debates.
  3. Catch yourself when You are about to speak without being asked, just because your mind has formed a pattern of “Let me tell you what I think” or “Wait until you hear My story”. We all have them and most of the time we don’t even realize.

I’ve been practicing this exercise many times. I often come back to it, to keep me in a state of presence and listening to what the other has to say. It requires a certain humbleness to be able to do this exercise, and I see it as an awesome practice for our inflated Egos.

When you get the hang of it, You will most probably smile at yourself.

I find it funny to observe my thoughts about to be expressed in words getting dissolved into the nothingness of the present moment. And observing the way they fight to come out: “I had a pretty interesting point of view on this, it’s a pity not to share it”, “But I am the expert on this, I should say what I think!” and so on and so forth. 🙂

If I keep observing and breathing deeply, at some point they just subside and a different presence and quality of the listening is created.

So this is my take on today’s exercise. I am very curious how this works for You, let me know in the comments bellow.

You might want to read again what we did on Day 5, when we have practiced listening to our thoughts while in a conversation and on Day 6, when  we listened to the voices in our head.  They are related exercises.

Thank You for being around, for doing this challenge with me.

With all my love,


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