Day 9 – Look At Your World With The Eyes Of A Traveler

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Day 9 – Pretend You Are A Traveler In Your Own Town

How To Do This: I would like you to remember how it feels when you first set foot in a new place, be it a new town or a new country. How open and curious you are about everything you see, hear, smell.

So just for today, when you go to work, or do shopping, or walk into a park, pretend you are a traveler and be as present and as curious as if you were there for the first time.

Look at the buildings around your home, study the people you encounter, notice the fragrances in the air.

Advanced version: If you really want to get into the feeling you might go visit a part of your town you’ve never seen before. It can be just a tiny street or a new neighbourhood. Or just choose a new, different route for getting back from work.

Seeing The World With The Eyes Of  A Traveler

Traveling puts us back in that state of wonder that we had when we were kids. That’s what I would like You to get out of this exercise.

My experience with this: Traveling has been a big part of my life for a few years. I got a job that took me all over the world, from the main capitals of Europe to the States, Asia and Africa. I loved discovering new places, new people, new foods, new ways of being.

I hated that I didn’t really like the job per se, and I wish I had more time and energy to just explore the places I was in.

Even so, I got so many benefits from being exposed to everything that happens when being in a completely different culture.

Often when I came back and took the time to stroll the streets of Bucharest, my home town, I kept the eyes of a foreigner.

I rediscovered my town, noticed changes that occurred, the new shops that opened, the new buildings being built or old ones that have disappeared (unfortunately).

I’ve discovered that this state of a traveler in a new town is a simple and great tool to use to get out of our minds and be more present.

So this is my take on today’s exercise. Check out yesterday’s  suggestion in case you missed it.

Let me know in the comments how it was for you to pretend being a traveler in your own town. Did it help you in any way to become more present? Did you discover something new about your town?

Thank you for being around and stay awesome!

With all my love,


PS: The picture was taken in Greece, in 2010. I just love the big, old trees that are in the heart of every village there.

PPS: Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exercise, which will involve You becoming the magician of your day!

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  1. I did this small exercise for a small amount of time only and i suppose it worked because for few seconds i felt more into this moment. I see that you choose very carefully every exercise. You are doing a great job. Keep doing what you are doing. After i finish my highschool exams i want to start something really big, something that has never done before, or not in the way i want to do it. Good night! 🙂 See ya


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