Day 10 – Expect Good Things To Happen To You

My mother used to say to me, and I had 6 brothers and sisters, and she would send us out the door every morning, saying: Expect good things, and I expect to hear about it at the end of the day”– Sonia Choquette

I’ve promised You yesterday, that today you will practice being the magician of your world. So here it is:

Day 10: Expect Good Things To Happen To You

How To Do This: Today, as You get out of your house, expect only good things to come your way. Throughout the day keep coming back to this state of curiosity and joyful anticipation of the wonderful things that life has prepared for you. And at the end of the day, share them with your loved ones.

My experience with this: Even before seeing the interview with Sonia I have practiced a similar exercise to put myself in a joyful anticipation at the beginning and throughout my day.

It was by asking the question “How does it get any better than this?” You can read the whole article here.

So as you’ve seen there, it is very useful to ask this question especially in those moments when You feel stuck or frustrated that things don’t work out the way You want it.

Asking the question puts us in that state Sonia is talking about. It opens up new ways and doors through which the Universe will bring to us whatever is best in that moment and in a higher plan.

Often we feel stuck in front of a door that is closed. And because we are so close to it we can’t see the window or another door that has just opened.

Asking “How does it get any better than this” gives us:

  • the perspective and
  • the detachment of the current situation and
  • creates the space for the “better version” to appear.

And it also creates that space of presence within ourselves, the one that actually allows us to be in contact with our gut feeling, our inner voice or Divine intuition.

So this is my take on today’s exercise. Check out yesterday’s  suggestion in case you missed it.

Like Sonia’s mother expected to hear about the good things at the end of the day, I invite You to share with me in the comments what good things happened to You today.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exercise.

With all my love,


PS: Check out the interview with Sonia Choquette. The story about her mother and expect good things mantra is around minute 7. But if You have more time, watch the whole video, it’s lovely and inspiring. Enjoy! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Day 10 – Expect Good Things To Happen To You”

  1. 🙂 Loving what you write.

    I’ll start by agreeing with the idea that having an optimistic view on life tends to provide a smoother and more pleasant overall experience on this Journey.

    But I feel like asking you a question, Raluca: “How do you define ‘good’ and ‘good things’ in this context?” 🙂

    I am asking because I don’t see the world and life’s events in black or white, I don’t see good or bad. And I dare to say that we could call ourselves a little arrogant when trying to label situations as “right” or “wrong”. Even if the Universe would throw such good and bad situations at us, and we were two times smarter, we could still not comprehend the full complexity of those events, so that we could correctly label them as “good” or “bad”.

    My mother was in her mid 20’s when a “bad thing” happened to her. She had a plan. Accordingly, for more than one year, she had studied at nighttime while working in the daytime, in order to go to this one University. But when the day of the exam finally came, she somehow managed to miss the bus and was not allowed in, to take the exam. With her dreams “crushed”, she reluctantly went to another University, in a different city, where … she met my father, fell in love, got married and … fast forward some thirty years … here I am replying to you, Raluca. 🙂

    In the end, I am not dropping expectations, but rather am expecting anything, and engaging life as is, trying to be flexible in the face of “adversity”. I also believe acceptance gives us a better chance of seeing the whole picture, so that our decisions would come from that wider point of view.


    • Ovidiu, thank you so much for your feed-back and for your contribution to this challenge and to this blog. Your question and story brings the extra understanding to what I meant by “expecting good things to happen”, so thanks for sharing it.

      The story of how your mother met your father and therefore the story of how you came into the world 🙂 it is a wonderful example of the relativity of “good” and “bad”, “black” or “white” concepts. I also avoid to label anything as good or bad, right or wrong per se.

      And exactly because of that I’ve found the exercise of “expecting good things” and “how does it get any better than this” to be the anchor that brings us back to the faith that no matter how “bad” a situation looks in the present moment, in the bigger plan of the Universe that is a part of a greater “good” reserved for us. Exactly how it happened to your mother when she missed the exam 🙂

      So that’s why I agree with you, that being flexible, flowing with life and accepting what comes without labeling is the best way to go about your everyday life.

      Thanks again for being here, keep it up! 🙂




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