Day 4- Make eye contact

Day 4 – Make Eye Contact With The People You Meet Today

Everyone is a mirror image of yourself—your own thinking coming back at you. – Byron Katie

In the first 3 days we’ve been setting up the foundations for being more centered and grounded on our own. 

Day 1 – sitting still for one minute

Day 2 – noticing the breathing

Day 3 – observing the nature

Day 4 – Make Eye Contact With The People You Meet

Today it’s all about connecting with the people we encounter without losing ourselves in the process.

How to do this: Throughout your day remember to make eye contact even with the people with whom you usually avoid this type of connection. I know you make eye contact when You talk to your partner, your friends or your colleagues at work. But we usually avoid looking people in the eyes on the streets. Especially in big cities. In small towns people still look each other in the eyes, smile and say “Hello” to everyone. I challenge You to make eye contact with at least 3 strangers You cross by today.

Further Details and Benefits of this Exercise:

– when You make eye contact with a stranger observe whatever feeling arrises in yourself. You might feel awkward, embarrassed for a second. Or You might feel like smiling. Allow whatever the moment brings.

-when looking up to people’s faces You avoid getting caught in the mind chatter. When You really notice the people around you discover so many mirrors that reflect back your current state.

My experience with this:

The words of Byron Katie are full of meaning on several levels. I find that the people I notice most in the street are the level 1 mirrors – the most superficial one; but still a good mirror to make me notice the kind of thoughts or emotions I am fostering.

For example, if I am bit sad I tend to encounter and notice only sad, bitter faces. When I am calm and joyful, somehow it seems like everyone I meet is happy and laughing and smiling at me.

This is such an easy and powerful exercise to do that will help You peal off a new layer of Your armour and shields built around your heart. And it can get so much fun if a conversation strikes up out of that eye contact 🙂

Making Eye Contact With Strangers In New York

I have a beautiful story from when I was doing this exercise on the streets of New York a couple of years ago. As everyone knows, NY is one of the busiest cities in the world. Everyone there seems to be in a hurry to be getting somewhere.

As I was slowly walking back home from my many work appointments, I started looking people in their eyes as they were passing by.

Three of them said “Hi” and smiled. I smiled back and went on. There was no further interaction, just a simple smile and a Hello. I was amazed and amused by this, as I was not expecting anything to happen.

By the time I got home, I felt a bit more connected and more energised.

So this is my experience so far with today’s exercise.

I  am so looking forward to be hearing how it worked for You. Let me know in the comments bellow.

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Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exercise! :)

With all my love,


PS: I love this “Mirrors” song of Justin Timberlake!

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Make Eye Contact With The People You Meet Today”

  1. I’ll share a short fable that describes the mirroring nature of our Universe. I goes something like this:

    “Once upon a time, somewhere in the vast lands, there was a big city. And just like any other big city from that time, it was protected by great wall. At the gates of this great wall, an old man was standing. He was greeting or bidding farewell to the people that were passing through the gates.

    At one point, a traveler approaches the old man and asks him with an imperative tone:
    “Old man, tell me what kind of people live in this city?”
    “Greetings, young traveler. What kind of people lived in the place from where you are coming?”
    “I don’t even what to think about them. Just a bunch of ignorant, envious and sleazy bastards.”
    “Well, young man, you will find the same kind in here.”

    Some time goes by, and another traveler approaches the old, wise man:
    “Good day sir, may I ask you how are the people around here?”
    “Good day to you too. How were the ones in the city that you are coming from?”
    “Ohhh, such great people! I made a lot of good friends there, it was very hard for me to leave that place …”
    “Don’t worry, you will find lots of great people in here, as well.”


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