The Story Of My First Guided Meditation

I feel that when “the planets align themselves” – meaning everything falls into place so I can do something effortlessly – the wisest thing for me to do is to gratefully listen and follow that path. It seems to me that a series of serendipitous actions happened to lead me to record my first guided meditation.

I thought it would be cool for you to know the “behind the scenes”, because it is quite amazing how the Universe – through my friends – arranged everything for me to start filming and recording.

Without me asking or struggling for anything. To keep their privacy, I won’t use their names here. However, I will express my gratitude, cause they are so awesome. Thank you, guys! 🙂

Friend #1

It happened that a friend of mine from U.K. who lived here (in Bucharest) for a couple of months had to go away for business. Since he didn’t know where he will eventually settle, he asked me to take care of a few of his belongings, until he comes back. Among those things, there is a guitar and a lightning system. Then he came back for 2 weeks, and he needed to record an audio for his business.  So he bought some cool, professional microphone. He took off for his next destination and he left me the microphone too.

My living room looks more and more like a professional recording studio, and I didn’t spend a penny for anything. Thanks, mate!

Anyway, he had encouraged me to start making videos for my blog for months. I made an attempt, my very first “shitty” video filmed in the park, then I stopped. Now, when he left me the microphone too, I felt like I had to record something. But what?

Friend #2

Enters my second friend. A dear, wonderful woman this time. It so happens that a couple of weeks ago she gave me a small job, to write some meditations scripts. While I was working on those, I thought: “Why don’t I write a script for myself? And then record it and put it on youtube…?” So thanks for giving me the job and the inspiration for this.

After I finished the project for her, I wrote the script for my first meditation. As an inspiration I used the relaxations that I listened to for many years at the end of my yogilates classes. Grateful to my teacher for this!

Friend #3

Enters my third friend. Actually he is more than a friend, but I don’t want to go into details now. He used to work in the radio many years ago, he is very good at everything that has to do with recording and editing voice (He has many other talents too, but we don’t want to go there! :). He offered to assist me with the recording and help me with the editing.

So in one afternoon we recorded, the next day he chose the music and put everything together and that’s how I ended up recording and offering you this guided relaxation meditation.

Since this is my very first project of recording a meditation, I would very much appreciate your feed-back. If you liked it and it helped you relaxed, I want to know about it. And I want to know how to improve, so your suggestions are more than welcomed.

Enjoy, share, comment or forward to a friend!

With all my love,


PS: Here’s the meditation. Enjoy!

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