“Say Yes to your No” Challenge

I’ve just wrapped up the first round of the 7 Days “Say Yes to your NO Challenge.”

After I’ll gather the feedback from the participants I’m planning to make a new and improved version of it.

Until that happens here are all the posts of the challenge so you can easily have them all in one place.

Day #1 – Acceptance – The healthy base for your Yes or No

Day #2 – Awareness or the ability to recognize states and emotions

Day #3 – How to express anger in a healthy way

Day #4 – Autonomy and healthy boundaries aka the essentials to saying NO

Day #5 – How attachment affects our lives from early childhood to adulthood

Day #6 – Assertion ~ “I am who I am”

Day #7 – Affirmation, our creative self & spiritual journey

Your No makes room for your Yes – start saying No more often!

2 thoughts on ““Say Yes to your No” Challenge”

  1. Bună!
    Sper că nu deranjez. Te-am descoperit pe YouTube dar am văzut că acolo nu ai mai postat de ceva vreme. Astfel am ajuns aici, pe blogul tău, unde mă bucur să constat că ești activă.
    Însă m-aș bucura foarte tare să mai postezi și pe YouTube.
    Succes în tot ceea ce faci!


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