Day 27 – Do 3 Things That Make You Happy

Today’s inspiration comes from the book “Listen to your body”, by Lise Bourbeau. I’ve just begun reading it and I thought that one of the exercises suggested there would be perfect for today’s challenge.

Day 27 – Do 3 Things That Make You Happy. Then Offer To Do 3 Things That Will Make A Friend Happy.

How To Do This:

1. First, ask yourself “What would make me happy today?” Breathe deeply and give yourself some time to receive the answers.

It could be anything: indulge yourself with a chocolate ice-cream, walk barefoot on the grass, watch a movie, read a a book in the park, treat yourself in the spa, or just sit for a while and not do anything.

Choose 3 of those things that You can do today and do them.

Be conscious and aware while giving yourself those gifts. Feel the good emotions, feel the gratitude.

2. Then ask your partner or a friend the same question: “Think of 3 things that would make you happy today and that I could help you with”.

Then do those and be aware and conscious of the feelings you have while offering those gifts.

My experience with this:

For a long time, I’ve been disconnected from my real needs and wants. I was always putting the needs of others first while neglecting my own desires. This is a typical sign of the Nice Girl Syndrome.

When I began working on myself I became aware that I am responsible for my own happiness. So one of the questions I had to get used to asking myself was: “What do I need now? What would make Me happy?”

It’s still a work in progress to constantly check in with myself about what would make me happy. Especially in those moments when I am with a group of friends and there is the peer pressure to do something that “everyone” is doing.

On the side of doing things for others, when I was trapped in the Nice Girl mindset, I was rarely asking them directly:”what would make You happy?” Thus my gifts came from a place of “look what I am doing for You” and waiting unconsciously some form of appreciation.

Changing to a place of I am OK – You are OK, I can easily ask my friends now questions like: “what would You want for your birthday?” or “what could I do to bring some happiness in your life today?”. And not waiting for anything in return, being aware that the offering is my pleasure.

So that’s my take on today’s exercise. Here’s yesterday’s in case you missed it. Have fun offering the 3 things that make You happy and the 3 that make a friend happy. Share in the comments how it was.

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Stay in touch with yourself.

With all my love,


PS: Here’s an interesting TED Talk with Matthieu Ricard about the habits of happiness.

PPS: You can get the book I was talking about by clicking the [affiliate link] bellow:

Listen to Your Body – Your Best Friend on Earth

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