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It was a very interesting experience, I had a great time. I learned to be aware of the sensations in my body, to be mindful about my state, to notice if I am or if I am not centred, and according to this, to modify my state, if I need to.
I loved your workshop, your friendly energy and the connections that were created among the participants.
"Dear Raluca, thank you very much for this workshop. My intention before it was to obtain clarity about my intuition. I expected to leave the workshop with more questions than I had when I arrived. Both my intention and expectation came true. And I also got new information, tools to use and new relationships. Thank you.
Andrei G.
You have a beautiful energy that touches everyone around and you easily find tailored solutions for each person's needs. I've learned a lot about my intuition, and most importantly I've build up the courage to listen to it. And I made new friends.
Dan B.
It was an experience that took me "out" of my comfort zone and it opened a few new doors for me; I received new themes that I need to reflect upon.
I especially appreciated your tact and gentleness when talking, not imposing your vision of the world or your own point of view upon anyone else's. I take home two major themes for me from this workshop: to listen to my body and to analyse myself, to ask myself questions when in situations that I don't like or that make me mad. These will be reflection themes for a while from now on. Thank you.
Iulian D.
It was a super workshop, you were smiling, loving and energising. This experience helped me unlock some "doors" and unveil certain emotions.
Vlad T.