Day 11- Walk Barefoot, Even If For Just One Minute

One of my favorite ways to reconnect with myself is through being in nature, without wearing shoes. When I walk barefoot on the the grass or a dirt path in the woods I become more present and aware of everything around me. It’s a wonderful way to reconnect, refocus, enjoy being and breathing deeply.

Day 11- Walk Barefoot For 30 Minutes

How to do this: Depending on where You live and how the weather is, this might be easier or more difficult to be done. Ideally, You will go into the nearest park, take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass or dirt paths. Get off the pavement. Be aware of the sensations in the soles of your feet, breathe deeply, enjoy the moment.

There seemed to be many health benefits associated with this simple practice.

According to there are studies that show walking barefoot for at least 30 minutes is related to:

  • Beneficial changes in heart rate
  • Decreased skin resistance
  • Decreased levels of inflammation

MindBodyGreen says that: “Walking also creates physical and emotional rhythms. Unlike running, which is by definition rushed and high impact, walking is gentle, nourishing and gives us space. We have an opportunity to work through the day’s events. In addition, even a light stroll releases endorphins. Most importantly, we breathe deeply.”

My experience with this: Since I moved next to a park and when the weather is nice, I go almost every day and walk barefoot for at least half an hour. It is one of my favorite ways to center and ground myself, to slow down my racing mind, breathe deeply and allow myself to just be and enjoy the moment.

It is a wonderful way to reconnect with my gut feeling, my intuition.

This is my take on today’s exercise. If You don’t find 30 minutes, do it anyway, even if for just one minute. Take off your shoes and walk on the grass. And let me know in the comments how it was for You 🙂

Here’s yesterday’s suggestion in case You missed it.

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PS: This is so awesome, we are almost half way through the challenge. Thank you for being around.

2 thoughts on “Day 11- Walk Barefoot, Even If For Just One Minute”

  1. Hi. I did this exercise only yesterday and i have tot tell you i observe something different. When i walk on grass barefoot i don’t get lost in thoughts that much because i constantly feel the sensations on my legs touching the grass and that keep me present.


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