Hi, my name’s Raluca.

I’m the one writing the posts and making the videos on this blog.

This is a brief “about me” version, in case you want to know more after watching the video above.

I am a writer, trainer and tango dancer, among (many) other things.

Some friends call me a “professional hugger” – although all my hugs are free 🙂

I love inspiring stories, living from the heart, and insanely dark chocolate.

I’ve been writing since I was 7, scribbling my thoughts in little notebooks that I was carefully hiding from anyone else’s eyes.

I continued writing throughout my life, for my pleasure and benefit only.

That changed when I began blogging, over a year ago.

I started this blog with a burning desire to help and inspire those who are walking the path of self growth.

I believe in the healing power of sharing our difficult experiences and how we overcame them.

Because it gives someone going through a similar experience a little breath of air when under the water.

You know, that “So I’m not the only one going through this and there are others who have made it on the other side” kind of thoughts.

On the other side I believe in the inspiring power of sharing our success stories.

Not to brag, but to show others they can do it too. For the “If he or she did this, than I can make it too!” type of motivation.

If you feel urged to:

  • follow your path from the heart and
  • create a passionate life for yourself while having a positive impact in the world 

Than this blog is for you.

The posts and the videos here are a reflection of my personal growth journey. So the topics change and evolve as I go along.

I usually publish once a week. Sometimes I publish every day like when I started a 30 days challenge. Sometimes I don’t publish anything for weeks in a row, cause I am too caught up in my life changes. (Or it’s because I get lazy, but it sounded better the other way 🙂 )

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If you are in a place of your life where you feel like

-you’ve lost your compass and need some clarity

-you’re often torn between the different options that come your way, and would like to have a better tool to decide what to do

-you want to know how to handle negative feelings without repressing them or hurting anyone in the process

-you are disconnected from your body and spend most of your time caught up in endless mind chatter and would like to reconnect with who you truly are

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Thank you,