How’s The Music You Bring Out Into The World?

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Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly influencing and actively changing the world around with our inner music.

This is easier to grasp if you notice how You feel when you listen to a song that You like, and how your mood changes when there is a music that bothers You.

For the last couple of days I’ve been listening on repeat 2 songs from the Late Night Tales – Bonobo album. I like them so much that I let the Ipad play them in the background wherever I go around my house.

Even now, as I am writing on my laptop I am listening to them.

So why am I sharing with You my obsessive music habits? 🙂 As I’ve been carrying the singing Ipad from one room to another, I’ve realized how the vibration in a room changes when I bring in this soft, relaxing music.

With the music from an Ipad it’s easy to observe the changes that occur in the room.

But How About The Silent Music Within?

I am thinking about the other “music” that we all have inside and around us, and that is not so obvious as the music from an electronic device.

It’s our energy, our mood, our vibration, that the moment we enter a room influences everything and everyone there.

Have you ever entered a room where people have had a tensed conversation? Even if you haven’t heard a word and they stopped talking when you arrived you could feel something in the air: a tension, a bad vibe, a weird feeling.

It’s that moment when You ask “hey, guys what’s going on here?” and although they might say : “Nothing, we’re just talking…” you can feel something’s wrong.

The “music” in that room is dissonant.

Sometimes, by accident or because someone close by just put their music very loud, you start hearing 2 different tunes in the same time. I don’t know about You, but this drives Me nuts!

Can I Put On Some Loud Music On Top of Yours?

This happened recently at a networking event where I go every Thursday morning for more than a year now.

It’s a beautiful community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, business people, investors that share the same “music”.

The community is called Open Connect and its heart is Dragos Roua. You can find all the details about it in this great post recently published by Roxana Nasoi on here.

It’s an open, friendly, warm, positive vibe that is created by each and everyone of these wonderful people getting together.

This Thursday, for the first time in more then 70 meetings, there was one person who was obviously very troubled and out of tune, with herself and with the rest of us. He started by putting on some loud music on top of the chill out, soft, usual music that we had.

In just a couple of minutes me and other people asked him politely to lower the volume. He did, but now we could hear both musics, which was even more annoying. So we asked him, politely yet firmly, to turn his music off. He did. Then throughout the event he kept on interrupting and trying to put his music back on.

The MC, Dragos Roua, did his best to stop him from disturbing, in the most calm and polite way, in a zen -like- Buddha- not- accepting- gifts way.

Then I had to go out to answer a phone call and I missed his 1 minute speech. I didn’t hear what happened but I could feel the vibe in the room was very different when I came back. Then I was told he has had an inappropriate, irrelevant and aggressive speech.

The beauty of a mature, well glued community becomes obvious in situations like this. Everyone kept calm and contained the situation in a very mature way.

The general, harmonious vibe was stronger than the dissonant one and shortly after that, he left. Although I am sure some of the men there would have rather kicked his ass off, nobody added any aggression to his aggression.

They responded with the exact same amount of energy necessary to make him understand that he was out of line. The “mind-like-water” principle at work. Simply  Beautiful! 🙂

The Appearance Of A Dissonant Tune Makes Us Aware Of How Important “Our” Tune Is

And how important is to be around people who share similar “tunes”, that harmonize with each other. People around whom you feel at home, people that form  your herd.

And you can feel this even in the most mundane activities: like hearing one of your flat mates singing happily in the shower in the morning. He influences us without wanting or trying to do so: he spreads a joyous feeling around by expressing his joy.

Even without literally singing a song we influence the others with our “music”.

They can hear and feel our song without words. And we do this every second, with every interaction, with every person that comes our way: from the door man, the taxi driver or the lady at the bagels shop,  to our colleagues, friends and family.

We share our music with the world and we pick up other people’s music.

How is your music today? What tune are you listening to, creating and sharing with the world?

Loving Musically Yours,


PS: The songs I’ve told you about are called: An Ending, A Beginning and A Calf Born in Winter, from Bonobo’s album, Late Night Tales.

PPS: What are your “listen on repeat” songs these days? Would love to hear them, do share them in the comments 🙂




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