Hi, I’m Raluca.

Writer. Hugger. Lifelong learner.

This is a part of my life manifesto so far. If you’re taking just one thing from here, this should be it:

Start with self-acceptance.

Choose compassion.

Stop watching the news.

Stop listening to the news.

Go and talk directly with your neighbors.

Listen. Really listen. To yourself. To other people.

Acknowledge what is.

Accept what is.

If you don’t like it,

See if you can do anything about it.

Then do something.

Assess the new situation.

Rinse and repeat.

It all comes from your inner world.

Welcome to planet Earth.


So…now that you’ve read this, let’s continue the “about me” part.
I love inspiring stories, living from the heart, hugging and insanely dark chocolate.

Oh, and avocado, yoga, and walking barefoot…and just being in nature.


My educational background is in communication & public relations and psychology.


I’ve been writing since I was 7, scribbling my thoughts in little notebooks that I was carefully hiding from my family’s eyes.


Writing has been my companion, and my secret helper to get through the hard times.



I started this blog over a year three years ago, with a burning desire to help and inspire those who are walking the path of self-growth, self-discovery.

I believe in the healing power of sharing our difficult experiences and how we overcame them.
Because it gives someone going through a similar experience a little breath of air when under the water.
You know, those:

“So I’m not the only one going through this and there are others who have made it on the other side” kind of thoughts.


On the other side, I believe in the power of sharing our success stories.
Not to brag, but to show others they can do it too.
For the “If he or she did this, then I can make it too!” type of motivation.
If you feel urged to:
follow your path from the heart and
create a passionate life for yourself while having a positive impact in the world

Then this blog is for you.


The posts and the videos here are a reflection of my personal growth journey.
So the topics change and evolve as I go along.

I usually publish once a week. Sometimes I publish every day like when I started a 30 days challenge.


Sometimes I don’t publish anything for weeks in a row, cause I am too caught up in my life changes.

Or because I sometimes feel like I have nothing useful to say. But then I get back up and continue writing.
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 My favorite blog posts

Here are some of the most popular articles on this blog (you might want to read them first)

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Stay in touch

I would love this blog to give you inspiration and motivation to follow your path with a heart, and to do something meaningful with your life. 

I hope it nudges you to be truthful to yourself and authentic in all your relationships.

If it does, send me a note at [ me at beingraluca  dot com]. I would love to hear from you.

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“Yeah, I like your style, I want to work with you for content and copywriting”

Sweet, I like to work with people who know what they want.

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Every 8 seconds or so, online browsers today will want to run away…it’s tough, I know.

Unless your writing combined with the right images and the awesome design drive them to the solution they’re looking for … they’ll run away.

Which solution should be delivered by your product or service or whatever way you’re providing value to the world.

And then you should nurture that relationship and make that client come back and recommend you to their friends.

How do you pull all this through?

It all starts with writing.

Yes, writing.

Of course, everyone who’s been through elementary school knows how to read and write.

But … in our current digitalized world, what we’ve been taught in school, doesn’t help too much.

Actually, it hurts.

Most online readers today do not behave like the A+ studious children preparing for their English exam.

Nope. They’re more like those one or two kids in the back of every class who are always getting in trouble because they just can’t focus and sit still. They constantly look out the window, throw paper planes and crack jokes because they are bored.

But these same “troubled” kids who can’t sit still through the math class are able to focus for hours on their favorite puzzle or on a video game. Why? Because they enjoy it, they are interested in it.

So, even if studies show our attention span has gotten shorter and shorter since the massive use of Internet, and especially of smartphones and social media platforms, all is not lost.

You can have the attention of anyone in this world

…as long as you have a solution for their problem or need and explain it so they understand it.

So what can you do to be successful in an online business ( – in 3 easy steps -)?

#1 Have a damn good product or service that genuinely helps people solve a real problem.

#2 Hire a smart marketer to help you present it to your specific audience.

#3 Hire a copywriter that is able to implement the content part of your marketing strategy in plain English while reflecting your brand’s tone of voice, values & mission.

Of course, there are many other variables, but this is the “crème de la crème” as the French say.

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*I am highly selective of my clients and I don’t take on a new one unless I am 100% we’re a perfect match. That’s why I need to know a few key things about your business before considering if we can work together.