How Does It Get Any Better Than This? The Simple Key To Manifesting Miracles In Your Life

“How does it get any better than this? And what else is possible?” These are very powerful questions a friend of mine thought me some time ago. I’ve written them on my vision board so I can look at them before going to bed and the moment I wake up.

Today, I’ve reminded myself to ask this question to the Universe whenever I felt stuck. And what happened next proved me once again Einstein was right:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Example no. 1. Leaving the office building where I’ve just finished a meeting and heading for another meeting in another part of the town, I found myself stuck at the exit door. You need a magnetic card to get out and I don’t have one. The guard usually leaves it open or comes and opens it when he sees you. Now, I could see him talking on the phone in his small office 3 meters away, in the courtyard.

I started waving my hand trying to get his attention. Nothing. So I just asked silently “How does it get any better than this?” and calmly waiting for the guy to finish his phone talk. In a minute or so a lady I crossed a few minutes before, as she had just finished a meeting with a colleague of mine, appeared next to me. She started waving and banging the door trying to get the guy’s attention. I said : “He’s on the phone, he’ll probably see us after he finishes his talk”.

In a few seconds he hung up and came to open the door. He said “I saw you, but I was on the phone!” We thanked him for opening the door. The lady next to me said smiling “If you’d have given us a sign that you’ve noticed us, we would have stayed there even for 3 hours without worrying.” Then we started chatting as we were walking in the same direction.

And the little miracle appeared soon: she had her car parked nearby and she offered me a ride as she was going in the same part of the town where I needed to go. If I hadn’t been stuck at the door I would have left before her and missed the chance to get a ride. I would have taken the bus or the metro instead. A small miracle, that I was very grateful for.

Example no. 2: I went to a gym where I don’t have a subscription but I was invited by a friend of mine who is a teacher there. I ask at the reception if my friend told them about my arrival. It was not the first time I went there like that, I knew they usually just let me in if I tell them I am a guest. But this time, they said “we don’t know anything”. I had only 10 more minutes before his class started and I needed a key to the locker room to go change my clothes and be ready for the class.

I ask them calmly and smiling: “Should I call him so he can talk to you?” They said “yes, please do that” I call him and a phone that was on their desk starts ringing the same moment. It soon becomes obvious that it was my friend’s phone.  I hear one of the girls in the reception saying to another one: “someone has just brought this lost phone here”. They didn’t know who’s phone was that til I phoned my friend and they saw my name on his screen.

I then ask the girls: “So what do we do now cause it’s obvious he can’t answer his phone”. Then I look behind me and I see his wife was there waiting to get a key too. They gave me the key without other questions and she took her husband’s phone to give it back to him. After the class we were telling him the story of his lost and found phone. His wife told him smiling : “she saved you from searching your phone by calling you at the reception”.

He had no idea that he had lost his phone, that someone found it and brought it to the reception and that in the mean time it was safely back with his wife. Another little miracle.

Looking back at my attitude during those two stuck moments I realize that, instead of going into a fighting mode that I would easily get into in the past, like: “Why is this happening to me?”, “Come on, move it! or “Give me that key, I am in a hurry!” I kept an open, relaxed, amused attitude having in mind the question “How does it get any better than this?”.

I completely accepted the moment where I was, not fighting to get out of it instantly but rather curiously waiting for what was about to happen next. And the Universe didn’t fail to show me that little miracles are waiting just around the corner, if I allow them to appear. If I keep an open and relaxed attitude, and ask myself “How does it get any better than this?” things just get better and better.

I am so grateful for these little miracles of today. And by repeating the question before going to bed I put myself in a state of positive anticipation of what tomorrow will bring to me.

I look at tomorrow with that positive anticipation of a child waiting for Christmas. And I don’t force myself to do that. It just happens naturally when I ask “How does it get any better than this? And what else is possible?”.

I challenge you to use this question tomorrow, especially in those situations where you would usually go into fighting or complaining mode. And if you feel like, leave a comment to share your little miracles 🙂

“How does it get any better than this? And what else is possible?”

8 thoughts on “How Does It Get Any Better Than This? The Simple Key To Manifesting Miracles In Your Life”

  1. Noroc Raluca. Am un mic scurt circuit in cap. Nici cum nu pot traduce “How does it get any better than this?” in l. rom. Am citit mai multe articole despre intrebarea data si exemple am citit. Insa cind vine timpul sa folosesc aceasta intrebare ajung la ceea ca ma simt ca un vitelus la poarta noua. Ok. Am intrebat intrebarea. Ce mai departe?
    La fel sa stii ca nu s chiar verde verde in ideile legii atractiei si gindirii pozitive, dar anume intrebarea asta nu mi da pace si n o inteleg. Dau vina pe nivelul meu de engleza mediocru.
    Atunci cind dai intrebari incepe sa clocoteasca… foc si aburi in ceaunul situat pe git. Iar cu intrebarea asta nimic nu mi se intimpla. Blank.

    • Salut Leo! Eu traduc “Cum devine mai bine de atât?” Pentru mine funcționează pentru că mă scoate din a judeca situația care nu-mi convine și a fi deschisă la opțiuni noi, mai bune. Dar tu poți să găsești altceva care merge pentru tine, nu e musai să fie aceleași cuvinte.


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